Digital Marketing, AI And Web

Things you will never be told

So far you know that we are a renowned Strategic Creative agency that works across mediums.

Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Web Development are not new topics for us. We have been using them for our clients in a selective manner for creating a greater impact on their brands and businesses.

As an agency, we spend equal amounts of time on R & D of new marketing tools and trends as we do on business development and service delivery. Similarly and separately we consistently focus on B2B Branding And Marketing as well.

Here we will cover them in a way that it guides you to make use of these for creating impact and generating ROI.

As an agency we have made brands become big by using even single media or platforms and through a single campaign.

Whether in Social Media or Digital space at large or Mass Media, our campaigns create an impact because we take into account different media formats along with media consumption behavior before putting our expertise on Brand Strategy & Marketing and Advertising Campaigns & Branding Design into play.

Whether Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Google Network, there’s no space we haven’t mastered and delivered with a big difference while being a Strategic Creative Agency.

There’s a high chance that your best digital agency will be getting your work done through us or taking our consultation.

Web Design and Website Development

We don’t start with UI/UX, platforms, language etc but with Strategic & Tactical Marketing understanding of your needs, whether B2C or B2B. We may ask for your need twice or thrice, and the objectives you have set for it. And often we see clients melt when we ask the same question second or the third time. And we sometimes don’t have to get into the detailing and they say – you suggest the best.

No, we don’t want to decide for you. We want you to make the best decision for yourself. Because we know the complete Marketing Gamut, we are able to foresee and inform you better than anybody else.

What technology will be used, functionalities, design, UI, UX etc are our prerogative. Our goal is your success. Always.

Our Testimony?

So far we have created websites even for the web specialist agencies that have created more than 5,000 websites for various clients. Now that should say it all.

Why do they come to us?

Because people lack marketing sensibilities and above all what they lack is – business creativity. A website is your own medium like your brand’s own house where everyone can come and experience it right from how the brand interacts in the living room to how it acts in the bedroom. It is the Pinnacle of trust and experience that one can get from a website when compared with any other digital platform your brand will be placed at. Your home deserves the best of the thinking, quality material and execution. No matter whether you are looking for B2C or B2B Branding And Marketing.

Obviously we put our blood and sweat into it to make it shine above everyone else. We as Brand Custodians and Marketing Consultants create things while keeping both long term and short term objectives in mind. Just like a concertmaster does in an orchestra.

Who can approach us?

Someone who is serious about their brand & business (whether B2B or B2C) and doesn’t see marketing activities as a tick mark to follow a Rat race. We usually come out as expensive for the non serious ones and inexpensive for those who care for it & have some idea about things.

Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

You have tried every Digital Marketing agency on earth and have lost hope. This is when clients come to us realising that the problem lies somewhere else and that they were unnecessarily spending money and time on the wrong diagnosis and prescription.

We understand that your funnels and drip marketing campaigns aren’t working or giving decent ROI. At least not as much as they should. And we hope you remember that Funnels came into the picture because traditional ways of keyword research and targeting through PPC, SEO, Google Search Network and Google Display Network or others had become ineffective and too broad.

Drip Marketing is no different. It also assumes a pattern and then accordingly customises content basis the identified segments or clusters.

This happens because brands behave like ‘me too’ products and constantly become desperate. This is a ‘Chakravyuh’ or ‘Whirlpool’. Everything new works in the beginning, and it is especially true for Media Strategies and Innovations. Later on they become a model which everyone blindly follows and falls in the trap of the Rat race. No business attains real growth like this, not even in the short term unless the market conditions are that of Monopoly or Oligopoly.

The solution lies somewhere else and we have been helping brands for years through this. Before we move ahead, a small caveat that we are proud of.

We are not for Everyone. And this applies to both: Clients and Employees

Let us make it clear with two of our real life client experiences. One client came to us whose business model was online sales only. And they asked us, in all fairness about the case studies reflecting success stories of Brand building for business generation. Now, some of you may get angry with the dumbness of the question as this is quite common sense. Isn’t it?

For us, it is normal. Basically they wanted to be sure that they are not the first ones, and that we had the required understanding. We asked them two questions straight,

  1. Why weren’t things working for them (digital marketing) which presumably would have been adopted by them seeing other case studies
  2. Why would they want to follow someone else’s path to become number 1

Then we told them our case studies and said that these must only inspire you and the whole work will be uniquely done for you.

This is a larger and a fundamental business mindset problem. People invest in others businesses but not in theirs. A lot of business owners run it as traders or money lenders. It just doesn’t and will never work like that.

The second example is of an education institute running complex funnels and drip marketing techniques and still succumbing to us because nothing really works beyond a point. And that they have to constantly dig wells every year, year on year. The important point is that though late, even after 19 years, they finally understood how big the problem was and where did the solution lie.

Once they realised it, they went to every top agency before finalising us because they found that with us only senior people will be working on their brand. People who have at least 10-15 years of experience with top global brands and across domains. And that our words come with a sense of responsibility, sincerity and  guarantee of success.

As far as the campaigns for the digital media are concerned, we request you to not get blinded by the ROI game that digital media plays quite well and would have promised you. It being measurable is another myth that is sold. Yes, it is a myth and we can prove it to you. Are those numbers even meaningful? There’s a way to look at numbers and before the story gets completed, some number will always go missing. Because it is devised that way by the media. So, you can keep buying their lottery tickets.

Furthermore, Digital media efficacy has been declining over the years. The simple trend that states it all is, a decade or more ago, digital space based their sales pitch on ‘cost per conversion’ model, and then later changed the pitch to ‘cost per lead’ model, and then to ‘cost per click’ and then to ‘cost per thousand’. And now to many newer terms that mushroom up every single day. They themselves have lost faith in themselves.

Obviously the numbers can still be arrived at. Manipulation becomes the keyword then. Plus you must have heard of bots.

Crowdsourcing of ideas for inexpensive or free creativity has been another big reason for their failures and poor performances.

To top it up is our attitude towards work. All of us like to be a little lazy but want to be seen as busy. Rather the busiest. Always lazy to act upon important things because then we will have to answer some discomforting questions and always busy with the many unimportant but urgent things. Because then we can hide behind one number or the other.

All this leads to a disaster. And the bigger problem is that this whole trance is so illusionary that we don’t even realize it before our cash gets killed.

After all we also want to pay for a product with a price tag that the media comes with. But not for the people’s skills and expertise. And certainly not for the ‘strategic creativity’ on which the whole success relies upon.

Making this mistake, Smaller clients die faster

And then there are smaller clients. Small in their way of thinking. The whole excitement for them is about onboarding the digital space without paying much attention to anything else.

Are we writing Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence Off?

No, we are not writing off Digital as a medium. It has the power of its own and we will be foolish if we were to think that way. The problem lies in communication or creative campaigns. The way they are built and what they are built with.

You have to be strategically right and then want to spend the time & energy on understanding the numbers behaviour across selected media options. And then create differently. Focus on the Brand and Business aspect both, and not just promotions.

We have been using Artificial intelligence intelligently and not as per what Google, Facebook or Linkedin says. This has saved our clients more than 50% of required budgets and given 10X ROI and more.

Besides intelligent usage, we all know that AI or Artificial Intelligence can be successfully used for:

  • Hyper-personalizing customer experiences by analyzing their profiles and past behaviors

  • Speeding up production of certain types and formats of content

  • Deciding and creating relevant content along with its timing of distribution

  • Processing large amounts of data to make accurate predictions, basis the patterns that emerge from it

  • Predict customer behavior, identify and nurture the most valuable leads

To be more specific, Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence go hand in hand in improving many activities:

  1. Improved Personalization & Recommendations
  2. Dynamic Pricing
  3. Customer Service Chatbots
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. PPC Ad Optimization
  6. Content Creation and Curation at Scale
  7. Optimizing the “When” and “Where” of Digital Promotion
  8. Automated Marketing Processes
  9. Processing Big Data
  10. Understanding and Predicting Customer Behavior

In short, if done well, it aids

  • Consumer Behavior Study through Machine Learning

  • Lead Generation

  • Chatbots

  • Automation of Email Marketing

Hence, embrace AI-powered Digital marketing tools with some serious effort on creating memorable communication. And you will certainly write history.

Who can approach us

If you have sorted your media plan and know what they can deliver, we will be happy to create and make a difference for you. We can also help you plan and even supervise your media strategy.

Don’t just take our word for it

Sir John Hegarty, a leading global veteran on Brand Strategy And Marketing, notes that in digital marketing, there aren’t many big brand ideas, but instead a focus on “lots of one-offs”.

That “at the heart of brands there is a thing called storytelling” but that there’s not sufficient focus on building a relationship between a brand and its audience.

It all depends upon how one builds its digital strategies and content. Digital is about storytelling and the trick is how you deploy your story and how it unfolds. Hegarty’s point is that too many people have lost sight of this.

This applies to two types of “Digital Taliban” in particular:

1) People who say “everything is measurable”

This isn’t true of traditional communications and it’s not true of digital either. It’s always been really hard to know how something will make somebody feel, and that has only become harder with the complexity of digital.

2) People who measure what is in front of them just because they can

Digital is full of metrics that get tracked because they are easy to measure rather than being meaningful (click-through-rates, time-of-day analysis, page views).

If you’re not sensitive to what produces a great piece of creative then you’re probably getting measured for wrong things.