Being the Real Estate Development New Entrant brand, Fusion Homes had completed almost 30% of its residential projects construction before it started to do some serious marketing efforts.

Real Estate development in the NCR market was at its peak of marketing aggression with hundreds of builders including the likes of DLF, Jaypee and Hero muscling their weight with huge budgets across 360 media, not only just ATL, Digital or BTL.

The brand required effective GTM Strategy for middle class with Brand Communication rollouts for making a name for itself amongst the biggies in the market while having limited budgets in comparison.

First Campaign: Test Honesty.

Second Campaign: Each space connects in a unique way.

We dived deep into the brand along with studies of consumer and media consumption behaviour and that of the competition for their messaging and media tactics. After two months of the Strategy project we arrived at the core of the brand and created two completely different campaigns for different media. One for the Radio and the follow up campaign for Hoardings / Billboards and Digital Marketing.

First one was based to highlight the brand core which had a solid differentiated yet highly relevant premise. Honesty, is someone looks for as the primary factor while parking their years of savings in real estate and the brand had already constructed quite a bit while other players were selling even before getting all the certifications, forget construction.

Second one was an emotional one for deeper connect with brand, as the brand awareness was already established. It talked about different spaces of a home what they mean to us.Read More

The brand had received unprecedented welcome much ahead of any other brand launches. There were phone calls received by the media houses enquiring about the people behind this brand and campaign.yes, they were asking about the brand first. That is the benefit of doing it right, the first time. Client received appreciation calls from all stakeholders including families and near ones. The hype went to an extent that people went to a similar sounding project in the vicinity thinking they arrived at Fusion Homes.

We had taken up media intelligently for maximum mileage with our limited budgets. And all the credit goes to the client for unquestionable support and belief on us.

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