Club O7 is the largest club in the state of Gujarat spread across lush acres of greenery and is equipped with state of the art facilities & luxury.

The same premises seamlessly extends to the 5 Star hotel called Grand O7 Suites & Convention.

For Club O7, it was to compete with other two already established Clubs of Ahmedabad to become a preferred choice for attracting memberships.

For Grand O7, the competition has been the likes of Marriott, Hyatt etc i.e. the leading hotel chains of the world.

For Club O7, it was to redefine the very essence of clubs that the city offered.

For Grand O7, the objective was to make a differentiated statement of its own across digital and local platforms.

To maximise impact from marketing spends, we worked on a campaign with unified style and premise. Previous to us the efforts were made separately for the Club and the Hotel, thereby fragmenting the deliveries of marketing initiatives.

The premise was based on the fact that the sports facilities are unprecedented here.

We created the two campaigns basis the most powerful proposition of the two properties to cut across competition strengths and consumer needs.

That is sports for Grand O7 business travelers for pushing their limits in a rejuvenating manner and to Club O7 members for enhancing the giant talent within.

In a follow up campaign for Club 07 we focussed on increasing walk-ins for creating the platform for experiential buying aiming membership closures.

The two brands were highly recognised through impactful Hoardings / Billboards and Digital Marketing efforts thereby enhancing brand preference, recall and walk-ins.