Films in whatever format provide the best opportunity to connect at a deeper level with the consumer, especially in the current media clutter scenario. Think twice if you have written this communication tool off due to the hype digital world has created. Digital medium is important and gives multiple opportunities to connect with your audience through films via youtube, whatsapp and other online platforms. Flexibility of creating intelligent campaigns basis your budget right from 5 seconds to 5 minute films.

As per Adweek, MarketShare analyzed advertising performance across industry and media outlets like television, online display, paid search, print and radio advertising and found that TV has the highest efficiency at achieving key performance indicators, or KPIs, like sales and new accounts. When comparing performance at similar spending levels, TV averaged four times the sales lift of digital.

TV has maintained its effectiveness at driving advertiser KPIs over the last five years. TV was the only medium to maintain its effectiveness (a 1.5 percent decrease in five years) while the other advertising media—both online and offline—declined more than 10 percent.