Case Study

What can a brand do, when its consumers appetite is already full?


ClubO7 is the largest club in the state of Gujarat spread across lush acres of greenery and is equipped with state of the art facilities & luxury.

The same premises seamlessly extends to the 5 Star hotel called Grand O7 Suites & Convention.

Task / Problem:

For ClubO7, it was to compete with the other two already established Clubs of Ahmedabad to become a preferred choice for attracting memberships. But the who’s who of the city already had both clubs membership. So, there was certainly no need to buy a third membership. Plus, ClubO7 was away from the main city too.

For GrandO7, the competition has been the likes of Marriott, Hyatt etc i.e. the leading hotel chains of the world.


For ClubO7, it was clearly to stitch the consumer, brand and the category together in a way that beats the competition. And membership sales happen.

For GrandO7, the objective was to make a differentiated statement of its own across digital and local platforms.

The Idea:

To maximise impact from marketing spends, we worked on a campaign with unified style and premise. Previous to us the efforts were made separately for the Club and the Hotel, thereby fragmenting the deliveries of marketing initiatives.

The premise was based on the fact that the sports facilities are unprecedented here.

Our Work:

We created the two campaigns based on the most powerful proposition of the two properties to cut across competition strengths and consumer needs. See the whole campaign by clicking here.

For GrandO7

A business traveler of 5 Star hotels strives to push himself and win big in life. Their motivations and passions are different. Obviously, we didn’t want to say what everybody else was saying like the perfect rooms, on time service, great food etc. For a consumer, a 5-star tag means all these are a given. Then why wouldn’t he stay at a Marriott? And why at an unknown brand like Grand 07?.

We capitalized on the ‘hunger for life’ aspect of the discerning traveler. And promised that they can push their limits in a rejuvenating manner through the state of the art grand sporting facilities.

In a follow-up campaign for Club07 we focussed on increasing walk-ins for creating the platform for experiential buying aiming membership closures. See the whole campaign by clicking here.

For ClubO7

Two separate campaigns were done here: For Brand Building and Business Generation.

For Brand Building, we portrayed the larger than life facilities as that of a professional stadium.

For Business Generation, one of the key buying behavior insights was used. The data showed us that the club had a 50% conversion rate to the number of walk-ins.

We came up with a brilliant idea that stitched the consumer, brand and the category together. Gujaratis love food and almost everyone eats out on the weekend with the family. The decision of buying a Club’s membership is also collectively taken because the man, woman and the kids of the house all are taken into perspective. For e.g. ladies look for kind of events that take place, kids look for recreational activities more and the man looks for networking options, facilities and overall happiness of the family.

We created a challenge – If you cover our club in less than 45 minutes, a seven-course will be free. See the whole campaign by clicking here.


Not only there was a huge rush but we had to stop people from hurrying up their property tour and that the lunch will still be served even if they took longer. Lunchtime gave the Business Development team an opportunity to talk and sell to everyone in the family in a single meeting.

As a result, we were able to close 12 times more memberships during the three months campaign when compared to the past three years of sales numbers.

That’s not all, the two brands ClubO7 & GrandO7 were highly recognized and appreciated by people across the city including the competition. See the whole campaign by clicking here.

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