Case Study

How a Tech Giant resolved its biggest problem.

Y5 Homes


A technology brand into ‘Internet of Things’ resolving people’s life by automating home & office space by managing various appliances, gadgets and electrical equipment from a mobile phone. From anywhere in the world.

Task / Problem:

People get intimidated with new things to learn especially when it comes to adopting a technology to change the already established habits. To resolve this complexity, the technology brand had to decode it in a simple language for consumers to connect and get interested. See the whole campaign by clicking here.


For getting into the market, the brand required some essential things like identity extension, packaging, website and sales collaterals.

The Idea:

Play with your Home

Our Work:

Instead of educating people right up front, we made the whole promise experiential and fun. As a result, they changed their habits without even realizing the pain of learning complex technology. We created animated stories that ran on the website’s home screen, cartoon stories for brochure and more for connecting the day to day hassles with resolutions of the brand.

We created the website, brochure, packaging, identity and campaigns based on the experience and how consumers can add more fun to their life. That is by playing with the home right through their mobile phone. See the whole campaign by clicking here.