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Brand Strategy and Campaigns

Brand Strategy

We are a renowned agency for our brand strategy and campaigns. Your big agency might be taking our help and you wouldn’t know. It includes discovery or fine-tuning of numerous aspects like Differentiation, Positioning, Identity, Marketing plan, Communication & Media Strategy basis the study of 4 crucial pillars using the most robust methodology and years of expertise.


B2B and B2C Marketing Consultancy

B2B B2C Marketing

Even big corporates with dedicated and sophisticated marketing teams rely on us for a reason. Value We Bring To the Table = 15 Years X Global Brands X 360 Media X Across Industries X B2B & B2C. Experience is defined by the number of years at work but Expertise is defined by the number of years multiplied by the number of big projects and complex problems.


Tech and Digital Marketing

Tech and Digital Marketing

We always remain ahead of the curve in all aspects. Tech & Web Development and Digital Marketing are no different. Using AI, we are able to do highly relevant targeting so not only your brand grows but also your business. So far we have created websites and other things even for the web specialist agencies that have created more than 15,000 websites for various clients.


Advertising Creatives and Media Strategy

Advertising Creative

Best in class high impact creatives that make each of our clients stand out, leaving their audience fall in love with them and set the new standards for the entire industry. We do not believe in Adhoc or Mediocre creativity but strongly into Strategic Creativity, which is why our campaigns do not die in a few months but are used for 5 years or more by our clients.


All About Brand Extension

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The new brand category can be related or unrelated to the initial product categories. If the company is already set and established, it will be in a better position to...

All About Brand Positioning

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Importance Of Differentiated Brand Positioning And Strategy Unfortunately, many B2B Brands still consider branding as consumer-facing communication to be done by B2C companies. And then there are B2B Brands that...

Brand Strategy – Gaining Brand Preference

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There are two actional brand strategies to compete in existing markets – gaining brand preference and making competitors irrelevant. Part 1 The first commonly used route for winning customers for gaining brand...
Club O7

What can a brand do, when its consumers appetite is already full?

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Background: ClubO7 is the largest club in the state of Gujarat spread across lush acres of greenery and is equipped with state of the art facilities & luxury. The same...
Fusion HomesManish Gupta Managing Director, Fusion Buildtech

“These Guys Are Absolutely Top Notch. We were the underdogs amongst the real estate giants and were feeling the heat even after making a strong product. That’s when we met SingleSpot Global. Abhishek created a great strategy, story, creative and media plan for us. Right from idea to execution he seamlessly collaborated with us. As a testimony of results, we were suddenly known, appreciated and being asked for despite huge media clutter and limited budgets. It has always been a pleasure to work with them.”

Y5HomeJaymin Patel, Founder, Y5Home

“We Looked All Over The Country To Find The Right Company. ‘Internet of Things’ is a complex technology product line for consumers to understand and engage with. SingleSpot Global not only decoded our offerings in an impactful manner but also took it to the next level by giving it a playful interactive angle. Strategy and creative outputs were path breaking, on time and the team exhibited fantastic understanding and service levels. We are thankful to Abhishek and his team.”

ClubO7Shrinand Vyas Director, ClubO7 & GrandO7

“Absolutely Incredible! Our partnership was primarily for advertising & creative but Abhishek and his team gave us solutions that were beyond just that. Truly creative and Strategically always bang on. We are in a fast paced Advertising & Ground level marketing space and creative solutions were more than satisfactory delivering wow expressions and more memberships”

Raju PathakRaju Pathak, Owner, Raju Pathak Advertising Photography

“The Team Is Highly Experienced, Exceptional, Flexible And Always Quick To Respond. I come from a small town with some reputation amongst biggest brands. These guys gave an ‘awe’ factor to my photography for showcasing it to high end clients. Above all, it truly reflects my style.”